Kuroish 3-IN-1 Herbal Shampoo Dye

The No 1 Herbal Shampoo Dye In Nigeria. It Does Not Stick To Your Scalp, No Mixing, Just Rob It On. First Application Lasts About 6 months


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Dying Your Hair Does Not Mean To Damage And Breaking Your Hair

Our revolutionary 3-in-1 herbal shampoo dye instantly darkens your hair and beards while completely cleaning and conditioning your hair, treating dandruff, hair breakage in less than 15 minutes

This life changing product was created by an esteemed team of professionals and experts who where sick and tired of seeing chemical dyes causing irreparable damage to people’s hair and beards

We have formulated our innovative all inclusive Herbal shampoo dye with the safest, scientifically tested ingredients backed by mother Nature

Why You Need Kuroish Herbal Shampoo Dye

Our herbal hair shampoo dye is designed for all hair texture. Pick one today and get set for an instant restoration of a youthful natural hair look.

We provide you with safe gloves for applying your shampoo thoroughly in the hair. Wait just for 15 minutes. (Have seriously stubborn grey hairs? Our shampoo dye is safe enough to wait for extra 15 minutes minutes without any potential hair damage).

Wash the remaining product from your hair, dry it out and comb or style your natural shiny black hair.

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Safest- Scientifically Tested Ingredients

Chinese Black Olive Extract Ginger Extract Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Ginseng Extract(Panax Ginseng Root Extract) 

Aloe Vera Extract Polygonum Multiflorum

Ayurvedic Herbs, E.T.C. Net content:500ml

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